Blog 10: Facebook

I am going to be using the video Facebook Users Are Suddenly Realizing How Far Data Collection Goes. I chose this video because I genuinely hate Facebook and I can’t believe I used it for a couple of years without knowing how much of an exposure it is. I think with all the awareness that is being raised about Facebook nowadays, people should at least consider fixing their privacy settings or not sharing personal information as much. It is pretty scary how everything you post is permanent even if you end up deleting it. I wholeheartedly believe that once something goes on the internet, it never goes away. Even if you do not post anything, I still think the location can be easily tracked through the application. I also believe Facebook gains access to the private information on your phone through certain prompts sent that we always press “allow” for. I am not a huge fan of social media because I am convinced it is more bad than good.



NEWSY is a website that covers news from all around the world in a completely unbiased point of view with no exterior influence or agenda followed. I think the design of NEWSY website is pretty interesting. I like how series stories are viewed differently as a horizontal bar in between other single stories. The content of NEWSY can also be viewed on different media platforms like YouTube, Apple TV, Roku, and so on. News are also sorted as headlines or according to their category under Policy, Culture, and Sci/Tech. I think the website is very user friendly in comparison to other news platforms. It is also easy to navigate through and the design makes it quite appealing. My favorite thing about NEWSY is how you can get your own personalized daily news and updates sent to your email by just subscribing. I did not know a website like NEWSY existed but I am glad I know now.

Blog #8: Hyperlocal News

Hyperlocal news also known as microlocal news mainly revolve around a specific area or “neighborhood.” It is the general coverage of news on a very small scale regarding a certain space. It usually concentrates on news or stories that the main, big media will not care about in most cases. The three hyperlocal news websites that I chose to write about in my blog post are Billy PennCharlotte Five, and Greater Greater Washington. I really like the layout of Billy Penn and I think it makes it easier for the reader to navigate through the website. I also love how they have an Instagram photo of the day. I think it is smart and attractive to include other social platforms on your website. For Charlotte Five,  I think the website is pretty inviting. The way stories are arranged with a featured picture is different. It will captive more attention since it is not only a title. Finally, I believe the news website Greater Greater Washington is designed to catch the reader’s attention. From the colors, the layout, and typography. My favorite hyperlocal news website out of them is Greater Greater Washington.

Blog #7: Photojournalism

I really like the concept of this project and I think I am going to enjoy doing it. I am thinking about making my project revolve around cities in a certain region and what makes them so special that they stand out. I think it is really interesting how each country or city has something unique to it. I want to express that through pictures and brief descriptions. I think I will also include touristic spots and popular dishes that each country or city has. I will mainly focus on cities that I have visited in the past just so I can add my personal experience and maybe some pictures that I have taken. I genuinely enjoy traveling and to be able to express that through this project is just amazing. I can’t wait to write about all the places that I have seen or want to see in the future.

Photo Jun 25, 11 32 52

Service Journalism

I think Service Journalism can be used in numerous ways to affect a cause positively and leave a good impact. A story that I could possibly use would be in the aim of humanizing a certain event or raising awareness about a topic that many may not care about. I believe that stories or events that actually make it to the important media and get published to the public are all picked and chosen. Sometimes important news may not be published just because they do not happen to serve the goal or purpose of that specific news outlet at that certain time. I think I am leaning towards a background story or a research study. I really like the logical process of research and I think I will be enjoying gathering specific data to prove a point. I just think research can be so time consuming and needs proper preparations and specific steps taken.

Blog #5: Story Focus Sheet

How does it feel to be so far away from home, family, and friends in a completely different, foreign city? My interview mainly revolves around the experience of foreigner that recently moved to The United States of America from the Middle East. I focused on how she felt at first and her experience with culture shock. I also made sure to include the differences and similarities between home and Tampa. I think I paid most attention to “first” things like first shock, first friend, first impression, and so on. What helped me in developing the interview and finishing it up is adding a little of personal experience and asking questions that I know will be relatable. I believe the interview could assist anyone who is planning to move to The United States of America soon. My only human source, Carina Rawan was thrilled to answer the questions and enjoyed being interviewed.

Interview Preparation

The main reason why I chose Carina Rawan for this interview was because I truly believe that it is important to stop and think about the things that we have or what is available for us and we took for granted. She recently moved to Tampa, Florida mostly for educational purposes. One of the biggest challenges I faced during the interview was how to ask direct questions that can be answered with more than a “yes” or “no.” I tried my best to keep the conversation going and maintain an interesting dialog. Another challenge I came across was how to limit my questions and try to avoid too broad or general questions. I think the interview turned out great and I am satisfied with the outcome. I am glad I got the opportunity to interview someone I could relate to so much. I believe her answers could possibly be helpful to anyone who is going to move to the United States of America from the Middle East anytime soon.


A Syrian Egyptian Experience

I will be interviewing Carina Rawan who moved to The United States of America recently. She is currently a student at the University of South Florida majoring in psychology. She was born in 1998 and she is both Syrian and Egyptian. I think the interview is going to be really interesting since I will be able to acquire information about the huge change that she had to go through. The interview is going to mainly revolve around her experience with culture shock, learning English as a second language, and whether or not her expectations were met. I can relate to Rawan a lot since I, too, was once in her position.

Ten questions that I could possibly ask:

1. What was the first thing that caught your attention?

2. Are you finding difficulty in communicating with people as someone who learned English as a second language?

3. What do you think is the biggest difference between the United States of America and your home?

4. What do you think about the driving habits here?

5. What kind of expectations did you have before coming here?

6. Were your expectations met?

7. What is one thing you really like about Florida?

8. What do you miss about home the most?

9. How severe was your experience in culture shock?

10. Was it hard to adapt to the contrasting host culture in terms of norms and traditions?


Florida in The Eyes of a Foriegner

I am going to be interviewing someone that recently moved to Florida from overseas. I am really interested in what they have to say and I cannot wait to hear their opinion of the American lifestyle compared to the one they are used to. I am curious about many things especially that I also moved to Florida almost 3 years ago. I am looking forward to comparing their experience with mine. I happen to have plenty of questions that I want to ask but mainly I would like to know how severe their culture shock is, how are they liking the weather, and of course if they have been to Walt Disney World or not yet. I chose this person because I feel like sometimes we need a different opinion or merely a thought of what we are used to in order for us to appreciate all that we already have and took for granted.

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First blog post

Not a big fan of introductions since I do not really like talking about myself.

My name means “miracle” in the Arabic language and I try my best to live up to that. I am 19 years old, born in 1998. I like learning about all sort of different cultures, traditions, literature, and music. I speak 3 languages and I can honestly say that Turkish is my favorite. I am fond of reading, learning, writing, and contemplating for hours. I like deep intellectual conversations where anything could be discussed without anyone feeling offended. I see myself as someone who is open to almost everything. I enjoy listening to people’s stories and what made them the person they are now. I am majoring in Journalism because I believe that it is an essential profession in today’s world. I am planning to do Law school after and maybe be an immigration lawyer. I have plenty of future goals but for now, I think this is it.

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